I found you and you found me, together we will grow. Together we will fill our days with love from up above. My heart is yours as yours is mine - we'll never be alone. All we need is the love we share - and we'll never let it go.

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9. mar. 2009

A dogs world..

My sweet dog Tinka is usually with me to work every day. She just hates being left in the car so I take her with me in to my office. She has become a real office dog lately. Today she was lying under my desk and her ear was just positioned over the bin.. so I thought "Hey, my dog is listening to trash" !! Me on the other hand was listening to "Oneplace.com" a christian radiostation wich I love to listen to. Maybe some of it will rub off on my dog? I think she felt safe under there as last week she got into a fight with our second office dog!!

This is Trask and he is a real guard dog.... NOT !! But he was not nice to my sweet puppy... He bit her on her paw and behind her ear.. Awwww well atleast we woke up our boss with their fighting! Thankfully there were no serious injuries and we just keep them seperated. I guess Trask is getting old and grumpy! And by the looks of it on this picture... LAZY !! :)

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