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28. feb. 2010

W for Water…

ABC i ord og bilder heading

We have reached W in Petunias ABC in words and pictures 

I love Water! I grew up just a 5 min walk from the ocean filled with wonderful Water! This is one of the things that makes our World such a beautiful place to live. Seeing our planet from space you can understand why  it is called the blue planet! Water covers aprox 71 % of our planet.

(Picture taken on Santa Monica beach California)

SantaMonica Amazing really when you think about it! Not only is Water beautiful, but also vital for all forms of life. Both fresh Water and salt Water.

(Picture taken in Kristiansand Zoo)

OterWhen I moved to the countryside I wondered if I would miss living by the sea… But I found out that there was a big lake just a 5 min walk from my house!! Lots and lots of water !! I was sooo happy :-)

(Pictures taken of Hillestadvannet)



Hillestadvannet3This is why I do LOVE Water! It so calming, beautiful and you get lost in the dephts of it! No matter where in the world you are where there is Water, you will always find beauty in it.  And to end this weeks theme, a picture taken on my last trip to the US :-)

(Picture taken at Multnoma Falls Oregon)

Multnomah Falls




21. feb. 2010

And then there was snow….Yes even more!

Sometimes I wonder how much snow we can handle! It has been snowing and blowing constantly the last week! Driving in to Tønsberg yesterday was touch and go… Never knowing if we would make it there and back. And we almost didn’t as I managed to get stuck in the snow. My hubby was a lucky man tho – as his wife is a great driver..hehehe I did get us loose after a couple of minutes without having to get out of the car. My hubby agreed with me about being a great driver…. (uhm…)

Anyway – when getting up this morning it was a totally different story! The sun was shining from a clear sky – and forgotten was all the snowfall we had gotten the last week… well untill we had to go up and shovel the DEEP snow off the roof!!!  Now tell me again why I wasn’t born a cat or a dog????


They on the other hand were supervising the whole thing from the ground.



The cat on the other hand was all nice and cozy inside watching from the livingroom…

DSCN3442 No big worries there right??


But there is one good thing with all the snow that has come this winter – as it has been so cold, the snow has come down very light so it will melt fairly quickly when we eventually get some temperatures above zero…


14. feb. 2010

Looking for my Valentine…

Thats the quest Tinka was on while we where on our walk down to the lake today. This is how it went…

Oh oh oh look mom… I can see some tracks in the snow!! You think that is my Valentine..huh huh huh …???


Lets send dad to check it out! He should be a good tracker as he has a little part of Native Indian blood in him! See anything dad..!!??


You are too slow.. Let me help you out dad… Look, this is the way you dig them out!!!

Valent4Awww… mom we didn’t find my Valentine… I dug and dug but it was nowhere to be found…

Valent5But I will not give up!! I will prevail… I will keep a lookout … And once more I will have my Valentine !!!! 


13. feb. 2010

Flowers on a sunny day…

Yes it has been a really wonderfully sunny day today!!! But with all the white snow – I need some colours…

AngelThis is one of my favorite pictures of flowers! It took a while before I noticed the snail and the ant on the flower..

Blomst Løten

12. feb. 2010

U for Unique…

ABC i ord og bilder heading

This weeks letter in the alphabet is U ! For me it was a tricky letter to figure out… But after a little searching and brainstorming, I think I found something I am satisfied with!

My word of the week is Unique.

I think we have an Unique nature here in Norway. It doesn’t matter where you go – you can always find something beautiful and unique from other countries… Like this picture I took last year. It can look as if it was taken from a great hight over lakes – But I am just standing on a rock 1 meter above ground…


…and for me this picture is Unique as it was my first picture ever taken of a bird out in nature - which I think turned out really well…


9. feb. 2010

Beautiful winter…

When ever I get sick of all the snow and the cold weather we are having this winter – I just take a look at some of the pictures I have taken and remind myself of how beautiful it really is…


8. feb. 2010

My hubby’s speciality…

My Canadian husband loves to cook! He has brought with him some of his own receipes – and some of them I had never tasted before. One of these he made yesterday. It is a dish made of liver, rice and green/yellow/red peppers. I love it :-) As it has no name – we will call it Rice’d Liver !

First off we start with dicing the liver – never a pretty sight…


Then the liver is rolled in cornstarch and garlic…


When all of the pieces are well covered – they are fried up it the pan…


And after cooking the rice and dicing the pepper – it is all mixed together with some soy sauce..


and voila !! It really does taste wonderful :-)

7. feb. 2010

Painting and Baking…

What better way to spend your sunday afternoon if you are staying inside! I had decided yesterday that I was going to do some painting.  And unlike other days – I was going to stick to my plan! Indeed it was lovely weather outside – sunny and mild – but as I am a master of putting off stuff which isn’t always good – I had to show that I could change (starting one day out of the month….) At least it is a start !!!!


So while I was doing my paint job – my hubby found another thing to occupy his time…

Baking chocolate chip cookies!!!  Yay!!!!


Isn’t he wonderful !?!! :-)

6. feb. 2010

New lamps…

I got some new lamps today! We got a gift certificate for our wedding and we haven’t had the time to use it untill now…

I found one lamp to put in the corner of the living room… But I had to get another one for the corner table…

Ny lampe1Funny how somtimes one isn’t enough…ny lampe2  …so tomorrow I think I want to start painting some of the other furniture around the house!! :-)

Looking forward to that!!!

4. feb. 2010

T for…

ABC i ord og bilder heading

T is the letter of the week! I think I have to go back a few months to find my contribution this Time… and to a warmer Temperature

Who as a child hasn’t Tried to Touch the shy …
Touch… and at Times we all fall into deep Thoughts 
ThoughtsThere are so many different Things you can find in the sea… sometimes they are very Tiny
Tiny and other Times it’s good just to stick your Toes in the sand…
Toes … and a Tender Touch of a stone can sometimes give us an idea if it is safe and we can Trust it enough to step on…
More pictures and letters starting with T can be found here

3. feb. 2010


Looks like someone has been sneaking in the cupboard…


Cought in the act… !!