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8. feb. 2010

My hubby’s speciality…

My Canadian husband loves to cook! He has brought with him some of his own receipes – and some of them I had never tasted before. One of these he made yesterday. It is a dish made of liver, rice and green/yellow/red peppers. I love it :-) As it has no name – we will call it Rice’d Liver !

First off we start with dicing the liver – never a pretty sight…


Then the liver is rolled in cornstarch and garlic…


When all of the pieces are well covered – they are fried up it the pan…


And after cooking the rice and dicing the pepper – it is all mixed together with some soy sauce..


and voila !! It really does taste wonderful :-)

1 kommentar:

Margareth and Damien sa...

Ok.. first I thought it was choccolate.. then i red liver... UUUUhhhh... But further down I must say it looked good.
My grandmother used to make Liver in cream sauce, that was the best ever!