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28. feb. 2010

W for Water…

ABC i ord og bilder heading

We have reached W in Petunias ABC in words and pictures 

I love Water! I grew up just a 5 min walk from the ocean filled with wonderful Water! This is one of the things that makes our World such a beautiful place to live. Seeing our planet from space you can understand why  it is called the blue planet! Water covers aprox 71 % of our planet.

(Picture taken on Santa Monica beach California)

SantaMonica Amazing really when you think about it! Not only is Water beautiful, but also vital for all forms of life. Both fresh Water and salt Water.

(Picture taken in Kristiansand Zoo)

OterWhen I moved to the countryside I wondered if I would miss living by the sea… But I found out that there was a big lake just a 5 min walk from my house!! Lots and lots of water !! I was sooo happy :-)

(Pictures taken of Hillestadvannet)



Hillestadvannet3This is why I do LOVE Water! It so calming, beautiful and you get lost in the dephts of it! No matter where in the world you are where there is Water, you will always find beauty in it.  And to end this weeks theme, a picture taken on my last trip to the US :-)

(Picture taken at Multnoma Falls Oregon)

Multnomah Falls




8 kommentarer:

Margareth and Damien sa...

A lovely W!!! Much easier with english.. Gorgeus photos too. Hillestad.. where is that?

Margareth and Damien sa...

Hillestadvannet ligger rett ved Hof kommune som er utenfor Tønsberg/Holmestrand :-)

Margareth and Damien sa...

Hei takk for kommentar , vakre bilder om "water" Du er er ikke alene om å like vann , vi kommer jo fra vann så det er vel i de fleste, vi bor ved havet og uten skvulpet fra sjøen er det vanskig slappe av,sånn som nå når isen ligger , Ikke tykk nok til å trå på men tykk nok til hindre skvulp) Men våren er i anmarsj, sjøen eter seg litt inn dag for dag..

Margareth and Damien sa...

Utrolig vakre bilder!
Klem T

Margareth and Damien sa...

At first sight I did recognize the Waterfall in Oregon.
The whole region of Colombia River Gorges is sooooo beautiful.

It's a place to visit.
And so chaning in nature form the very dry in the East to the opposite in the West, when approching Portland

Margareth and Damien sa...

For noen fantastiske flotte vannibilder! Å se høstskogen speile seg i blikkstille vann er enoe av det vakreste jeg vet:)

Margareth and Damien sa...

Nydelige bilder du har lagt ut her. Flott W!

Margareth and Damien sa...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.