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21. feb. 2010

And then there was snow….Yes even more!

Sometimes I wonder how much snow we can handle! It has been snowing and blowing constantly the last week! Driving in to Tønsberg yesterday was touch and go… Never knowing if we would make it there and back. And we almost didn’t as I managed to get stuck in the snow. My hubby was a lucky man tho – as his wife is a great driver..hehehe I did get us loose after a couple of minutes without having to get out of the car. My hubby agreed with me about being a great driver…. (uhm…)

Anyway – when getting up this morning it was a totally different story! The sun was shining from a clear sky – and forgotten was all the snowfall we had gotten the last week… well untill we had to go up and shovel the DEEP snow off the roof!!!  Now tell me again why I wasn’t born a cat or a dog????


They on the other hand were supervising the whole thing from the ground.



The cat on the other hand was all nice and cozy inside watching from the livingroom…

DSCN3442 No big worries there right??


But there is one good thing with all the snow that has come this winter – as it has been so cold, the snow has come down very light so it will melt fairly quickly when we eventually get some temperatures above zero…


2 kommentarer:

Margareth and Damien sa...

what great pictures!

Margareth and Damien sa...

Beautiful pics. Makes me so happy that I live in a snow free country though! :-)