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14. feb. 2010

Looking for my Valentine…

Thats the quest Tinka was on while we where on our walk down to the lake today. This is how it went…

Oh oh oh look mom… I can see some tracks in the snow!! You think that is my Valentine..huh huh huh …???


Lets send dad to check it out! He should be a good tracker as he has a little part of Native Indian blood in him! See anything dad..!!??


You are too slow.. Let me help you out dad… Look, this is the way you dig them out!!!

Valent4Awww… mom we didn’t find my Valentine… I dug and dug but it was nowhere to be found…

Valent5But I will not give up!! I will prevail… I will keep a lookout … And once more I will have my Valentine !!!! 


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Margareth and Damien sa...

Hi Margareth! I'm a new follower, I found your blog on BlogCatalog. Your dog is too cute! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year as well :-)

Margareth and Damien sa...

Thank you so much Kathie!! Tinka is a funny dog:-) Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I did not know about the Chinese New Year, HAPPY CHIESE NEW YEAR !!! c";)