I found you and you found me, together we will grow. Together we will fill our days with love from up above. My heart is yours as yours is mine - we'll never be alone. All we need is the love we share - and we'll never let it go.

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8. mar. 2009

Our journey...

At the start of our journey together my love and I have decided to start writing a journal. Here we will write down our thoughts and dreams - and anything we want to share with each other. As long as we still are appart we do have a lot of things running through our minds, and it is a great thing to just be able to write them down. Then when we finally can start our lives toghether we will be able to share these things and just grow in our love for each other! We are both so thankfull towards God who has brought us toghether. No country or ocean could keep us appart! So he being in Canada was no match for God, he found a way for us to connect and we both found our soulmates!!

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