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22. mar. 2009

Trip to Portland Oregon with my sweet mom! 2008

From time to time my mother and I take a trip together. Last year we went to Portland Oregon to visite a long time friend of my mothers. The trip we had looked forward to for such a long time didn't actually start out in the best way tho! We got to the airport at 5 am and found out that our flight to Amsterdam had been canselled! Well, back home to get a few more hours of kip before trying again at 11 am. This time our flight were an hour late! Ok we thought, we now only have half an hour to rush from one plane to the other... And trying to accomplish that in an airport as big as the one in Amsterdam is not an easy thing to do! -considering you have to get out of the plane, get on the bus to take you to the terminal, find the right direction for your next flight gate, go through customs... yeh, we ran our feet off!!! But hey we did make it! Was the last ones to board the direct flight to Portland!

Usa2 2008 til sort 003

Im not so sure why we were smiling this much on the flight to Portland! Maybe we were overjoyed that we didn't miss our last flight.. or it might have been the flight attendant who was having so much fun with us, and made us laugh so hard that the whole plain thought we were mad.. or it might just have been the affect of the glass of red wine we had!!??
Usa2 2008 til sort 008

Portland Oregon is refered to the greenest city in the United States, and is also called 'The City of Roses'. Portland is home to a diverse array of artists and arts organizations, and was named in 2006 by American Style magazine as the tenth best Big City Arts Destination in the U.S. The weekend we arrived there was a big art/hand crafts fair in the city and might I add, a wonderful atmosphere with all the people enjoying the great weather we were having! Kids were having the time of their life as they were alloved to paint a whole car with out getting wrong!!!! Oh - now where is that paint bursh?? (no im not older than that you see!!! ;) )
Usa2 2008 til sort 010

One of the booths there was watched by my moms friend's daughter, Cash, and we ended up buying a couple of things as there was so much beautiful handmade pottery!

Usa2 2008 til sort 007
After a long day of walking the streets of Portland doing some serious shopping (atleast for me as I just hate shopping and do as little of it as possible) we had to try out some of the "cusine" they had to offer in many of the restaurants found in this great City. We ended up having Sushi! I just love it !!!!! Could eat it every day if I had the choice ;)

Usa2 2008 til sort 016

Before heading home and after we had been to this wonderful place to have a manicure/pedicure :-) we went walking through one of Portlands more 'High fashion' streets. Boy, we did not belong there!! Hahaha. But twas very fun;-)

Usa2 2008 til sort 017
Yes, this is more like it. Digging in the garden! Mom is helping out a bit as sitting on her 'bum' all vacation is not her cup of tea. And before you ask... I did help her too !!!

Usa2 2008 til sort 019

The neighbour did have their own wine rank growing in their garden. Some of the grapes had grown over to Sandy's side of the fence... And I was pondering, should I pick some during the night, put them in a barrel and do some ' I love Lucy-dancing' in there to make wine??? I found it wise just to let them be in peace. I do want to visite this great place once more you see....

Usa2 2008 til sort 020
This is what I call a 'drive by picture' ! Not having the time to stop for the pic, I had to stick the camera out the car window taking the pic in aprox 55 miles an hour!! At least you can get an idea of what I was trying to capture... Mount Hood. One of the seven tall mountains situated around Origon/Seattle. Mount Hood is the tallest one.

Usa2 2008 til sort 024

We had a great trip together my mom and I. We always do and have a lot of great memories from our crazy outings. We are Vikings you know....... ;))

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