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23. feb. 2009

Love Coffee..!

I am a coffee drinker as many other people in this world. And why do we love this dark brown drink so much? The first thing we notice about this lush drink is its aroma! Waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee is surly something which puts a smile on my face. And on cold winter mornings a warm cup of coffee is a wonderful way to start your day. If you are one of the lucky ones, you also get it served in bed!!
There are so many things to be said about our "national drink" as some people might call it her in Norway. Also heard some negative sides to it. But these might be overshadowed by the following statements!

  • Coffee is legal and socially acceptable.
  • Coffee drinkers usually get better service in restaurants.
  • Coffee gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  • Coffee has only a few calories (unless you add sugar and some sort of dairy product or facsimile thereof)
  • Coffee warms you up when you come in from the cold
  • Coffee is a vegetable (it comes from a bean).
  • Coffee opens up the blood vessels in your brain, to help you to wake up and get to work. It also gives you warm fuzzies when you are stuck in bed days you are sick.

Of the three most indulged legal vices, coffee is the least harmful to others. It doesn't cause health problems for non-coffee drinkers who smell the aroma, and it won't make a driver dangerous to self or others, unless you spill it on your lap. So don't hold a paper cup of coffee between your knees, get a cup holder. Some drivers shouldn't be allowed to drive without the influence of coffee.

And another thing which is so great about coffee...... chocolate tastes even better with it!!!!

Mmmmm..... need I say more :))

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