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22. feb. 2009

The Love of Winter...

The beauty of winter is absolutely breathtaking. The way the snow glistens or the sparkle of frost first thing in the morning. Every thing just feels and looks crisp and fresh. Winter is filled with beautiful gifts in the form of icicles and delicate snowflakes - and seeing the snow that has collected on the tree limbs is peaceful. Heading out doors to play in the snow - build snowmen or make snow lanterns. Go sleighing, iceskating or cross country skiing. Some people migh even think that it is God's way of hiding the shame of the world and show us something magical - showing us that this world still holds its beauty.

Winter is also a time for romance where you can take days off work and spend it with someone you love. To snuggle up infront of the fireplace and enjoy a nice hot cup of chocolate! But it is also a time to spend with your friends and family. As the cold sets in, you gather all your loved ones and share with each other all your hopes and dreams for the new season which is just around the corner.
The reason for me writing this today was to turn my mind around after having a struggle with shoveling my roof! It sure is hard work, and not something i particulary like... But something that follows with winter. We dread all the extra work we have with the snow every year, so why not turn our minds to all the beautiful and magical splenders of this season?


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