I found you and you found me, together we will grow. Together we will fill our days with love from up above. My heart is yours as yours is mine - we'll never be alone. All we need is the love we share - and we'll never let it go.

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21. feb. 2009

To my love!

You came into my
life so unexpectedly..

Little did I know
what was to lie ahead

For the longest time
you were a click
of a mouse,
words on my screen

Hugs that warmed
my days..
and secured my nights

Within the many hours
of our time together,
You showed me strength,
when I showed you
my weaknesses.

You taught me
the importance
of believing in myself,
When I thought
there was nothing
to believe in

You taught me so much,
in ways I never knew

You stood behind me
when I began to fall.

Along side of me when
I needed a friend

In front of me when I
needed a guide

You showed me
my ability to fly...

How to reach
places I had
only dreamed of

You saw me
with your heart
and not your eyes

But more importantly
you gave me
a piece of you

A gift worth far more
than money could buy

You gave me your heart..

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