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13. jan. 2010

Cutest puppies…

It’s wednesday January 13’th and still dark outside when I get home from work. I would have loved to be out to take some photos – but I don’t have a good enough camera to get the photos I want. (I did leave a hint or five to my hubby about my wish-list for my birthday…. ;-) Anyways – I went through my files on my laptop instead…

I found some pictures of puppies taken this summer – and they were the cutest ones ever! It is Chihuahua puppies – and they will melt even the coldest ice heart! Just check them out…

This little beige cutie was the shy one. He was also the one who looked like he had eaten up all the food!! The name I gave this puppy was “Pugsy”


And here is the tough one of the liter… He was running around nudging all the other dogs and puppies! I called him “Ozzy” He got up to what ever mischief he could find making his days very interesting.


Here “Ozzy” is pushing little “Pugsy” around…  Not being very nice!


The smallest one of the liter found it safest to curl up in DJ’s lap.Lil’ Coco keeping out of trouble and keeping trouble away from her… :-))


We both wanted to take all of them with us home…

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