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11. jan. 2010

Settling in continues…

Surviving second night and third day! We had a bit more sleep this night as Misty was busy with other things….. I’m not sure if the cat was house trained at her former family’s house – but we did find some pee and poop in the livingroom this morning. She had not given us any signals of wanting to go out – so I guess we will have to get a box and some catlitter for her.

But for now we got her a new food and water bowl (it will do till we get a nicer one ;-)


– and the most fun of all – a cathouse with 3 white mice hanging in the opening ! ! Fun fun fun … Tinka tried to join in the fun too – but I don’t think Misty quite agreed with that. No this toy was only hers! I guess she is paying Tinka back for not wanting to share her bone yesterday.


anyway she said….you are too big to fit into my new house ! ! !


She also got another little toy which fell to her liking.. yet another toy Misty did not want to share with Tinka. So to prevent the dog from feeling left out – she got a fresh new chewing bone! (note, this time she did not mind sharing with Misty…strange)



But at the moment – this little toy was more interesting. They did have a race tho…from the new cathouse and out in the hallway – and then back again! Cat won! jumped up on her new house and had a look of victory on her face!

2 kommentarer:

Margareth and Damien sa...

AAAwww. Sooo cute that cathouse!
Yes, you need a litter box for her. I can reccomend that you buy the sand in the cardboard boxes at the pet store. Cost a bit more, but is definetly worth every penny. No smell at all. And you just scoop out the lumps that form and the sand last longer. Probably she is still nervous and not sure where to go to do her thing. Maby she is afraid that if she goes out, you will not let her in again. They are strange that way.

Margareth and Damien sa...

Jeg tar det på norsk! hehe Jeg har sett på en kattedo, så jeg tenker jeg kjører innom i morgen på vei hjem fra jobb. Hva heter den kattesanden? Jeg tenkte nok at hun gjorde fra seg inne pga nytt sted og litt usikker på om hun får komme inn igjen... Men det skal nok gå bedre:-) Det er vel en enkel sak for katta når doen er på plass? Etter det jeg skjønner så liker katter helst å gjøre fra seg steder der de kan grave over etterpå? Jeg får nok lese opp en masse på katter og kattehold tenker jeg.. er jo bare vandt til hund...:s