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7. jan. 2010

The garage occupant…

A stray cat has hereby ovetaken my garage! No longer is my car the soul ruler…but has to share the space with the kitty! It found its way in there a couple of days before christmas and haven’t left since. With the cold we’ve been having the last three weeks (-12 till –20) I had to provide it with a warm place to sleep. If it hadn’t been for my dog Tinka – I could have had it inside… But as the dog looooves to chase cats – there is no other way to do it then to keep it out there till the SPCA has room for it.. (we have tried to find someone who can take care of it…but no luck so far)


From the look of it – the cat can’t be more than 9-12 months old.. She is the cutest cat tho! Sooooo soft and shiny fur – and very very cuddely!

A good thing tho having er in the garage is this: She catches mice!!! And she had caught one again today! She is doing such a good job keeping them out of the house. So we are happy with the job she is doing – and she is happy having a dry and warm place to stay. Hopefully it won’t be too long till she can find a new home where she will be loved and taken good care of …


So while we all are waiting – there might be some more updates on this stray (Don’t have a name for her so if you have an idea on what we can call her – please leave a note :-) )



1 kommentar:

TurboLotte sa...

Hvor bor du nå? Du kan jo ta henne med til dyrlegen for å se om hun er chippet. Hvis hun har tatovering i øret er hun i alle fall det.
Men det er null problem med katt og hund i huset. De må bare venne seg sakte til hverandre. Hunder lærer fort hvilke katter som hører til familien og hvilke som ikke gjør. De kan ende opp som bestevenner uten problem.
Stakkars pus... ute alene....
Hva med å kalle henne: Cattiva? Italiensk for slem. Men et artig ordspill da.. he.-eh.