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10. jan. 2010

Welcome Misty ! ! !

For the time being we can say welcome to the new addition to our household. So untill anyone claims her – she will be staying with us.

We made it through a night and a day! We had made a place for Misty out in the hallway where she has her food and water. Put a soft blanket for her to sleep on so she would be comfortable. It took just about 1 minute before she started crying… Guess who had the softest heart and had to go out and get her???? Yes… Popeye at your service! So last night we had a third party in our bed. I have to add that I did not have a good night sleep… A cat purring through the night is not something that I am used to. A dog snoring and whimpering in her sleep – yes.. purring and suckeling on the duvey – no..


Most of the day Misty has been followed around by Tinka. She will not leave her alone. I don’t know if Tinka is afraid that Misty is going to run away – or if it is just Tinka’s mothering instincts that has kicked in… Still they are getting used to each other, and I think they are doing a great job at it.

Now the next thing we have to deal with when it comes to mysterious Misty – is her using the furniture to sharpen her claws…..

2 kommentarer:

Margareth and Damien sa...

Skal si jeg spammer deg med kommentarer i dag! He-eh.
Guri så skjønne de er! Ja det er vel noe morsinstinkt som kicker inn hos hunden her ja. Dette er jo bare helt utrolig!

Margareth and Damien sa...

Toppers at du kommenterer hver...for det er ikke så stor trafikk her ennå da alt er litt ferskt..hehehe Men ja jeg må si jeg var overrasket over at det gikk så greit som det gjorde...og er kjempefornøyd med det !