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9. jan. 2010

New member of the family…

I guess the only thing I can say is that I cracked under the pressure! The cat finally came in the house after spending a couple of weeks in the garage… She was sitting outside the door crying and Popeye found out that he wasn’t going to let it spend yet another night out doors… This was going to be interesting tho.. how would the dog take it?? We let the dog and the cat in the same room and within 3 minutes the dog was licking the cat and the cat was purring… I stood no chance in the matter… I had no say in this anymore…the cat was accepted into the household by dog and husband… We have put up posters of the cat incase anyone is looking for her… untill then she is staying – and we still need a fitting name for her ! ! !





I wonder when the cat will get tired of the dog cleaning it constantly?! At least Tinka isn’t trying to eat the little kitty :-)

5 kommentarer:

Margareth and Damien sa...

Oh my God! She is gorgeus! And so nice that she and the dog got so well along right away. AAAAhhhhwww..Can I make a link in the Katteprat forum to youre page?

Margareth and Damien sa...

Yes you can make a link :) And yes she is gorgeous...we just had to take her in :-)

Margareth and Damien sa...

Så snill du er som tok den inn. Godt det gikk så bra.

Margareth and Damien sa...

Det var godt... se her: http://www.katteprat.no/forum/index.php/topic,25935.0.html

Margareth and Damien sa...

- Og her kan du se mine forressten, http://kattenepamovik.blogspot.com/ :-)