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23. jan. 2010


We picked up our new member of our family today from the animal shelter in Kristiansand! Her name is TeaBella and she is 9 months old! A real cutie :-) Now we just have to give her time to get used to Tinka our dog. I do hope it will turn out well. They did say that she was used to dogs as she grew up with two of them. But just now she is a little shy and weary of the dog, hiding under the couch where she feels safe. If the dog does come too close for comfort – she bops her in the nose with her claws….awww poor Tinka girl!!

When the dog is out of the room – she comes out and jumps up on our laps while purring. I think she will settle in here good with time :-)

TeaBella 2

TeaBella 4


TeaBella 3

TeaBella 1

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