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20. jan. 2010

Misty became Abby Deviline…

This morning as I was reading the newspaper – I saw a picture of a cat that looked really famillar! It was a woman who had posted it with a text saying: My dear pet is missing… Looking at the picture a bit closer I could see that there was no mistake – this was our Misty!! I called the lady and confirmed this. She was over the moon happy that her cat was found again!

For us it was a bit sad… After taking care of her for 3 weeks – we had grown to love her… It was a little hard driving her back home – but also rewarding to see how happy Misty’s (who’s real name was Abby Deviline) mom was seeing her again.

Now I think there is only one thing to do – We have to go to the SPCA to see if we can find another cat that needs a new home!!

But for now – We loved taking care of you Misty and we are going to miss you!!

Misty and Damien  Misty sleeping

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