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18. jan. 2010


Every season has it’s beauty.. But spring time has and always will be something special to me. Waiting for the long winter to loosen its grip on the shivering earth and let the sun melt its cold icy hold on it - letting the flowers and trees once again come to life and fill our souls and hearts with song.

I am longing for springtime – and it can’t come fast enough. So while I am sitting here in the cold darkness of the winter evenings – I close my eyes and hear the birds singing with joy over yet another fruitful season ahead.

I found this poem which I thought was very fitting …

  Longing For Spring 
Once a day and sometimes more
I look out my day dream door
To see if spring is out there yet
I'm really anxious, but mustn't fret.

I see the snow a melting down
and lots of mud and slush around
I know the grass will surely sprout
and birds and flowers will come about.

But why oh why does it take so long?
I'm sure the calendar can't be wrong.
Sunshine fills my heart with cheer
I wish that spring were really here.

Soon mother nature will sound the alarm
Wake up! get dressed, turn on your charm
Winter's gloom has gone its way
It's Spring! It's Spring! Oh Happy Day!

Edna T. Helberg


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