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24. jan. 2010

R for Riding…

This will be my first time joining the norewegian version for ABC Wednesday. The letter of the day is R!

ABC i ord og bilder heading

Last summer we went to “The End Of The World”  as I wanted to show my husband bit of the surrounding areas we have here in Vestfold. And might I add that this particular place is amazinly beautiful no matter what time of year you go!

There is also a riding center for horses out there! I love riding after taking some lessons in the US when I stayed there for a year. But I haven’t had the chance to go riding the last *kremt* 15 years… But…as they say, it is like riding a bike. You never forget once you have learned to ride a horse!

Anyway – as we walked over to our car after having a wonderful afternoon just sitting by the sea side – we saw all the horses there and wanted to take a closer look! A couple of nice white ones was playing around with each other and it looked like they were having fun…

white horses1



But there was another one which looked great for rideing!! It was a brown stallion trotting about in the ring! I tried to get its attention by waving some grass in my hand. It got its attention alright! He came running towards me and stopped just before hitting the fence… took the grass i had in my hand and gave me a really mysterious look…. After chewing a couple of times – he boped his head back and then SNEEZED on me!! Yeh and it was not the same type of sneeze we humans have…nooooo this was filled with green mucas (must be from the grass) and I had it all over my shirt!

The worst part was that the horse lifted up his head – looked me – and grinned with his mount – looking as if he was laughing… Sneezed on me once more before trotting off again!!!!!

No riding for me that day …


I’m wondering if that was the horse’s plan all along –

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Margareth and Damien sa...

For noen vakre hester, flotte dyr. j Jeg har aldri vært heste jente som dattern min er og jeg sr de på god avstand.MEn nyte synet av de kan en jo . Satt engang i en bil og nøt en ismed åpent vindu , da en hest stakk hodet inn , og det var brå slutt på isen . Og nesten trommhinnene på mannen min. HA en fin uke . F

Margareth and Damien sa...

Underbara bilder på de vackra hästarna. Ett fint inlägg till bokstaven R.
Ha en fin vecka!

Margareth and Damien sa...

Herlige hester. Jeg har bestandig vært hestejente, og begynte da jeg var 5 år gammel.
Ha en flott uke

Margareth and Damien sa...

Velkommen til ABC leken!! Beklager at jeg kommer så sent på besøk til deg. Litt mye å styre med for tiden. Litt for mange baller i luften. Akkuta nå skulle jeg ønske at jeg bare kunne være hjemme og holde på emd data, blogging og foto - og kunne levd av det også!!! Haha! Det hadde vært noe:)
Nydelige bilder av hestene og ridning er en flott R! Jeg var hestejente selv i barndommen og angrer enda på at jeg la det på hyllen. Jeg forelsket meg helt i den hesten på bildet her med de blå øynene. Ser så snill ut:)

Margareth and Damien sa...

Flotte hester, selv om jeg ikke er hesteinterresert, var disse søte=)