I found you and you found me, together we will grow. Together we will fill our days with love from up above. My heart is yours as yours is mine - we'll never be alone. All we need is the love we share - and we'll never let it go.

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9. jan. 2010

A little visiter…

We had a little visiter this weekend! It had been such a long time since last we saw my little sweetheart! Since it was so cold out we spent our time together inside doing various fun things. First she wanted to help clean out christmas… Well….half way she and Popeye ended up in a “sword fight” ! ! !


Yeh great fun !

We baked some gingerbread (but seems like the camera was on strike at that moment..) and did some playing on the laptop. You know… I get the strangest feeling that I am getting old when I can’t keep up with a 7 year old’s computer skills….:S (well hopefully it will take a little while longer…)


At least she is willing to learn some of the “old” hobbies… knitting :-)


Before heading home she had to say hello to our garage occupant ! Aaaah cutie !!!




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